Disaster Golf is my Senior Capstone Project that has been worked on since Fall 2021.  The team consists of about 30 people with which I've put my ties in with most areas of the project.  My initial role on the project was preparing the new controls from prototyping and the camera controls.  Both of which had quite a bit of iterations and had frequently worked with our UI/UX team to get right.  
During development we've had a major issue deciding what style of gameplay to go with, I voiced my opinion on our style and what I see going on which lead into the discussion eventually solidifying our gameplay.  From there I was left without much to do, but open for anything.  I was approached by the Programming Lead who spoke with the Art Lead about needing VFX help.
The remainder of the project I've spent learning VFX from a very basic level into working with them completely for the project.  Using my programmer knowledge to help me understand the foundations of VFX and getting me much more familiar with the Unity Engine.  Towards the end of the project as VFX didn't need as much work, I was brought back over to help Optimize the game.  
During the final days of the project I assisted with adding some additional sound effects and attending 1 design meeting to say I have some experience in every division of this game.
Disaster Golf is a shipped product published by Voxpop Games with the full game located here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/2575960/Disaster_Golf/
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