Pirates and Plunder has been a project I've been programming/designing in my free time since Summer of 2021.  What started as a one person project taking over a prototype has turned into a team of over 13 people developing this game in our free time.  On the project I've been the lead programmer and lead designer since the very beginning.  Most of the game so far has been programmed by me with a few exceptions here and there.  A few months in I've been promoted to Vice President to help with decisions of the company in regards to the project.  
On April 29th of 2022, I have stepped down as Vice President back as a programmer during my free time to better pursue my own interests. A few months later the project was abandoned, the video below shows some of the product of my programming work in action.  The code itself is located at https://github.com/pneumacashmer/Pirate-Code
On the project itself I have worked on the AI, Menus, UI, and learned how to use ES3 for saving.
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